Leonardo CyberLeo Oliveira

Hi, my name is CyberLeo (aka Leonardo Oliveira) and I've decided to create this website to be a repository of stuff I worked on as well as a directory with many ways of contacting / following me.

It's hard to create a resumée that would do justice to 30+ years in technology camp. That's a secondary aim of this website.

This website itself is a Rails project with all the best practices I can think of. Responsive layout in the front end and caching in the back are just two examples.

And finally it's a work in progress! Some sessions will not be ready and some others will change and evolve. I just didn't want this project to keep sitting on my HD getting dusty and never seeing the light of the day.

Projects  I've worked on

Here you'll find every project I've worked on as well as the technologies applied and notes of interest. I use an admin backend to manage this info.

Contact  me please!

Here you'll find ways to contact me. My social networks and a contact form.

Blog  Mostly in Portuguese

My blog, with tech stuff, stuff I find on the web, rants, thoughts, etc; Everything in Portuguese.